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             Sherry Lee, internationally known
 Spirit Artist, draws 

                                       Your AURA CHART reading by Rev. Sherry Lee,
is an inspired
forward two years at a time, showing your life in beautiful living color; which she believes portrays a person's own aura. 

 This reading with Sherry Lee may bring amazing insight and guidance into your personal life, your career, or in some other area truly meaningful to your happiness.

It also offers the love and healing from your spirit guides and angels in a way you may hold in your hand - a visual record
of your reading. 
           *EXAMPLE of an Aura Chart reading:



This Aura Chart* drawing represents a reading for a client whose young boy passed away.  She had begun to heal her grief by offering to work at a Child Services center. 

During the reading, a spirit who came was identified as the client's mother. She had knitted a blue hat for her daughter similar to the one the little boy is wearing in the drawing, when the client was a child.

The color green in the drawing indicated for the client that she will continue working to support other young children for some time to come.
The color brown indicates a home and family situation; the color light blue shows a blessing
from spirit.

 (The client was very encouraged when shown by Spirit that her mother was with her little boy.)

  *Her Aura Chart was completely drawn before the reading began - no information about why the client was there had been exchanged with the medium beforehand.

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